Methods Use in Gambling Industry

Meaning of gambling

Gambling is that the wagering of cash or anything valuable on an occurrence with unsure outcome, with the intent of winning cash or material goods.

Gambling testing

In gambling testing, not only limit for the software, it could be the hardware, network, compliance.

There are several gambling games, such as ;

  1. Online and mobile gambling
  2. Casino machines
  3. Lottery systems
  4. Race and sport gambling

Some examples of test types and test techniques that are done for the gambling industry includes Functional testing, exploratory testing, regression testing, integration testing, performance testing, penetration testing, compliance testing and fail-over testing are some of the test types and techniques are using in the gambling game testing process. Let’s detail about those testing types.

This covers the functions and features in the game design documents, and incorporate with specific systems and platforms. Game configuration setup, game play, game functionalities, game key concepts, audio, history and user perspective improvements.

When checking the compliance perspective, system should consider about each countries specific gambling laws and rules. Also game history, security of the system, user credentials, and audit trails are need to be test during this compliance testing period. Before gambling products are ready for compliance testing, the full range of gambling QA testing must occur.

Security Testing is must which need to complete before the system release to users. Security Testing has to execute in whole System, hardware and network. To pass the penetration testing, system should have met regulatory network security specifications. Security design should implement in both hardware and software, also all the sensitive details, cash-in/cash-out transaction details need to be encrypted and secure accordingly. During penetration testing stage Geo-location and age verification should identify as a platform function, because each geographic location has difference compliance and regulations.

In this stage should have to check the load and stress of the memory, network or the hardware. If we consider about the online gambling, it should check the maximum threads count need to crash the memory and make it more capable to handle such a load. If the targeted customer base is high ,but the system not willing to give appreciate speed and a capacity to handle the user load,then no point of publishing the system to live environment. Also have to check the network speed and the possible failures and bugs which can be occur during the low speed network connection. When it comes to casino machines, need to cross-check the machine’s speed and the connections it makes with the user input frequency.


When it derives to mathematical calculations of the software, it should be accurate and test properly. There tester execute math testing, to verify the accuracy of Random Number Generator (RNG) results, bonus and pay tables, Return To Player (RTP) computations, Probability Accounting Report (PAR) Sheets etc. Math testing is the most important that need to complete. This topic derives to the comprehensive area. Therefore more explanation about math testing is going to be provide in a separate discussion.

online gambling will allow to use the sites via various platforms; hardware, operation systems etc. Therefore tester has to test some functions like configuration, system up and down , operator mode,Recovery test modes and so on. There areas should also test as platform compliance testing. Even though basic terms are same there are differences in testing applications between the gambling industry and other industries.